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Bayridge is considered to be among the most beautiful and the most family-friendly communities in West Vancouver. It is famous for its quiet streets, beautiful parks and safety. Taking into consideration that Bayridge offers homes which range from traditional family homes up to luxurious and modern residences, Bayridge is a popular among home shoppers in Canada. In this article, we will give you a few useful tips on home buying and we will recommend you a great web site where you can check out the latest Bayridge listings.

Buy your new home- but where?

No need to say that money is the most important factor when it comes to investing into a new home. The type and the location of your new home will depend partly on your financial situation and partly on your needs. In case you have worked out the financial part, it is now time to start thinking about where to look for a new home. Real estate experts recommend you to consider your needs before looking for a home. They recommend choosing a sustainable neighborhood. What does sustainable neighborhood mean? Well, sustainable neighborhood usually has shops, recreational spaces, schools and kindergartens nearby. Having this type of facilities around will help you cut down transportation and driving costs. This type of neighborhoods are usually well connected to the rest of the town and are covered by the public transportation systems allowing you easy commute. So, before choosing the perfect home, choose the perfect neighborhood. Walk around the neighborhood you have chosen and see what types of facilities are located within walking or cycling distance. Check if there are schools and kindergartens around, so your children would be able to walk to school. The same goes for supermarket, markets and shops. Check out where is the closest bus/metro/train station. Walk around the neighborhood just to “feel“ it. Check if houses around have alarms or security systems which is a sign of how safe people feel around. Check the street lighting and the intensity of traffic.


Ownership types

In Canada, there are two types of ownership. The first time of ownership is condominium ownership. In this type of ownership, several condominium owners are living in one building. They are complete owners of the unit they live in, while they share the ownership over common spaces and amenities. In the case of freehold ownership, you are the sole owner of a house and the land that surrounds it. In this type of ownership, owners have an absolute right to do anything they want with their property (which is not the case with condominium ownership) as long as he/she complies with the applicable municipal and federal laws and regulations.

Latest Bayridge listings

As we already mentioned, due to the wide and quiet streets, shops, the beautiful MckechniePark which offers long walking trails and clean air, Bayridge is very popular among home shoppers. Bayridge real estate is located in West Vancouver and has great views, so you should take some time and get to know the place. Most condos located @ West Vancouver and has excellent sections, so you won’t go wrong if you plan to buy real estate there.